Death Part 7: The Last Word is the barely anticipated final installment in Jack Trinco's fabled, quasi-epic, multi-part exploration of the theme of death.  This delightful one-hour, one-man (with pianist!) show is an absurd deep dive into the world of death.  Following on Death Part 6: Dead Sexy, Songs of Necrophilia (sadly, an abysmal failure with audiences), Death Part 7: The Last Word is irreverent and poignant, sweet and brutal, delightful and revolting, thought-provoking while completely thoughtless.

This journey would not be complete without music from songwriters including Kate Bush, Adam Guettel, Michelle Shocked, Elton John, William Finn, Hall & Oates, and Laurie Anderson, amongst others - who have all written expressively about important deathly topics such as drowning, stillbirth, and living with a fatal disease - so they've been included in this ridiculous show about the thing we all have in common.

It's the show that has left audiences laughing while horrified with themselves.

It's the show that has people saying, "Who?  Oh, that's his name?"

It's the show that dares to ask the questions about death that a show would ask about death if a show could ask questions about death.